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About Route 55

*blinks* Well, what can you say about this? Basically, R55 is a Good Charlotte fansite run by a Good Charlotte-obsessed freak. But doesn't that apply to all fansites? Well, I (Jedi_Amara) started the site because (a) I love Good Charlotte; (b) I was trying to prove to Shana that I'm more obsessed with Joel than she is (I AM! REALLY! ASK, ER, ME AND SEE! XD); (c) Greg gave me a domain name and I wanted to have lots of subdomains o_O XD; (d) Shawn gave me a heap of webspace and I was trying to work out what to do with it; (e) I wanted to try out a CSS layout and didn't want to do it on one of my existing sites. (Yes, I'll admit it: I have about 14 of them. o_O Nice, huh?) In any case, you see the result in front of you - a rather freakishly named site. Why is it called Route 55? Well, it's a reference to the song Little Things:

And the rich kids had convertibles, and we had to ride the bus (55)

I figured the 55 was probably the number of the bus the boys (<33333333333 Joel) took to school, and after some random querying on GCMB it turned out no one knew... people either agreed with me, or thought it applied to the speed limit in the US. In any case, I decided to call my site Route 55 because it was different (no "Good Charlotte World" or something, I learnt that with "Patamon's World"), and "Route 55" sounds better than "Bus 55" or "Number 55". :P

Brief history? Let's make it very brief, because there isn't exactly much of it yet. :P

And yeah, that's about it. Still working on more of that history. XD When you see this site, you see history in the making, and you're making it! XD I <33333333333333 Joel. o_O Yeah, that was random. JA is a random person. <33333333.