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Quotes from Billy

Language Warning: Quotes may contain offensive language.

Benji likes to match his underwear with his hair. We caught him in a pink thong once. We videotaped it.

I'm really into girls that try to be a little bit different from everybody else but are very classy at the same time.

I don't dislike too many things except for snakes! I don't have much tolerance for fake people either.

(when asked who sleeps the most) Benji always claims of being an insomniac, but I swear as soon as we go on the van, he's like, dead asleep.

(when asked who spends the most time on his hair) Joel... well, no, Joel cares the most about his hair but it takes Benji the longest when he does it.

I like to hang outside and meet new friends, otherwise I'd be in the dressing room right now all bored and stuff.

Oh, I thought you wanted a hug!

A Girl: Sign my jacket.
Billy: Are you sure? This is a nice jacket.
Other Girl: Christa, your mom will KILL you."
Christa: It's my jacket, just sign it Billy.
The Other Girl: It was 50 dollars!
Billy: Oh my God! This was 50 dollars? Are you sure? I don't want to get in trouble!

" If you want me to wait, I will wait for you." You figure it's a nice love song, but Benji swears it's about his dog!

(on "Little Things") We were all definitely not your sports or jock type of kids, and it's just about our personal experiences in high school.

I don't know about meeting girls at festivals because most of them have been there all day. For the first two hours you can meet a girl. After that, all hell breaks loose.

Dude, I just wanna break one of these off. (on Benji's hair spikes)

If you want me to wait, I'll wait for you, Benji says it's about his dog, so you know I have no clue.

I'm scared of cops!

We spend a majority of the show after the playing just walking around the crowd and meeting kids. Kids are like "Why do you do this?" And we all say, "Well, if it wasn't for you guys, we'd be nothing." It's like it makes sense to us just to hang out 'cause we like to.

I don't really think there is such a thing as a band selling out.

Do you know how much stuff it takes to make my hair stay up?!?!

Benji swears the song "Wondering" is for Ca$hdogg.

Every 5 minutes a hamster is getting brutally beaten with a stick.

I used to munch on Sunday, but now I munch on Saturday. Why Saturday instead of Sunday? Umm, fool, because munching on Saturday is trendy! Hehe.

I'm a goody goody. I never do bad things.

Where's the peanut butter?

Do you ever think about saucepans?

That's some good shit, I mean stuff.

Picture? SURE!! You want a picture? Let's take a picture!!

People can call us sellouts, but I'm not selling out — I'm doing what I wanted to do since I was 13, and that's get on MTV and make videos and live the dream.

I think that it is a great opportunity to see bands who pretty much the only reason they do this is to do the live show and perform for kids and just make you forget about all of the problems in your life, and just come to a show and just listen to music and don't think about anything else.

Someday we will walk hand in hand down the rainbow, all happy.

Fan: I saw your high school pictures.
Billy: Oh god, don't go there.

(on "The Anthem" video) Look at Joel over here. He's got a camera attached to his bike. *PAUSE* I can hardly even steer this thing on my own!

Getting ready ta ride some gangsta bikes.

This song is for all the people who want to commit suicide. Well, HOLD ON.

I'm not famous. You're all just crazy!

I have hamsters in my pants.

I can juggle.

I think Benji has the coolest hair in rock.


Another thing I hate is when St. Paul touches my... never mind.

What! There goes my heart walking down the street.

Fan: Hey Billy, can ya sign my arm?
Billy: Sure thing, sweetie!
Another Fan: Hey Billy, can you sign my ass?
Billy: There will be no ass signing tonight. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

(to a fan who wanted a photo taken with him) Why don't you come in the picture, it will be more special that way.

Hey guys, you ready for some rock and roll?

You don't want to go near the inside of that, our van stinks!

(on sitting with businessmen on first-class flights) I'm sitting beside you, big guy.

(Seek and Destroy) Everybody wants to try and prove we're not a real band.

Stand in front of a mirror with a dozen roses and you will see 13 of the most beautiful things.

Yeah, me and Paul will take a picture with you. HEY PAUL! PAUL! OK, he's not listening, you'll just have to do for a picture with me.

(after a fan asked for a Paul hug) Nobody ever asks for a Billy hug. I guess Billy hugs aren't quite as fun.

I don't know what I had for breakfast today. It was like... something with wood.

Fan: Can you sign my arm?
Billy: I'm sorry, they don't let us sign arms.

(IMX interview) Would any of you be offended if I left?

My name's not Billy, it's Ballina!

Never eat peanut butter first thing in the morning... it starts to get gross and ewwwww.

Asbury Park, New Jersey.

I murdered Paul's whole family!

I want some peanut butter covered hamsters.

(to Chris) Let's run away to Mexico and get married.

I would be Ken so I could be on top of Barbie all day.

C'mon we have to move... the security here sucks. (glares at the security guard & the security guard laughs)

I was running across the stage and I tripped over our bass player Paul's cord and did a Superman across the stage. I felt so stupid, but then I got up and did it again going the other way!

(imitating Fred Durst, Triple M interview) And some nookie, yo!

Fan: Hi Billy!
Billy: Hi!

Somehow, I thought the red pants were cool.